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Song Lips: Bio

Gina Yowell-Gerszberg and Kenny Storch

Gina and Kenny connected many years ago through Gina’s older brother Don Yowell. Don was a brilliant singer/songwriter who inspired many people. In 1984 Don died at the age of 31. Gina and Kenny, although involved in different projects, kept in touch as friends and fellow writers.
Gina performed in a band with her younger brothers, Doug Yowell (drums) and Drew Yowell (guitar) called Beema Duma. Kenny co-wrote some songs with the band. After many years of performing and recording together, the band dissolved and the members pursued individual projects.
Gina and Kenny started writing songs together more often and developed a great working relationship, with Drew lending his talents now and then.
Gina and Kenny launched their website called Song Lips to have their songs made available for all to enjoy, and more importantly to attract other performing artists and producers who would like to do their songs.
The songs are unique but can be considered adult contemporary. The lyrics reflect their sense of humor and non-conventional look at life. Their music is influenced by their love of pop, rock, folk and jazz.

If you listen carefully to our songs you will know about our lives.