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Phone Song -- The Sitcom/Our Lives

Posted on September 20, 2012 with 0 comments

Some of you may or may not know that Kenny and I do our writing over the phone.  We call it Phone Song.  Many of the lyrics come out of conversations and our different ways of looking at life, even though our values are usually consistent. 

 Gina:  Kenny is a very private person and since he does not own a computer or take part in the internet, he sometimes finds it unnerving to have our ideas “out there” in some alternate universe where people he has never met have access to him.

 Kenny: Gina has her reservations about the internet too, but she thinks it’s a tool to get global recognition for our unsung talents.  If only…..

 Gina:  After years of performing in clubs in New York, I guess I’m jaded about the live music scene.   I see the internet as a virtual club, where I can create the music I want from home.  

 Kenny: It is painful to be frustrated in one’s art but every obstacle make you grow as a person and what else is really important in life.  We both have survivor – humor and we love to combine our insights and create our songs. 

 Gina: We both have creative dreams and we love to fantasize. 

 Kenny: We often laugh about how our lives are a sitcom and we intend to write one.

For now, we call it Phone Song.

 We have certain quotes that sustain us, we’d like to leave you with one of them:

“Learn to wish, that everything should come to pass as exactly as it does.”

-- Epictetus