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Song Lips: Songs

Memories Of Tomorrow

(K. Storch, G. Yowell)
The rain came down so hard and fast
It carried me across my past
Yesterdays will have to let go
For memories of tomorrow

I’ve earned the wisdom in my eyes
Happiness is hard to recognize
This moment is all I know
And memories of tomorrow

The moving pen
Keeps writing still
Time can’t stop it
Nothing will
Time is hungry and
The years fly by
We hate, we love,
We laugh, we cry
Until the day we die

I’ve traced the lines around my face
A roadmap to this state of grace
Places I have yet to go
With memories of tomorrow


The sun came out so bright and strong
As if nothing could ever go wrong
I’ve sung my pain and danced my sorrow
From memories of tomorrow

There’s nothing that we really own
And our life is ours to borrow
All the seeds we ever sewn
Are memories of tomorrow

All songs copyrighted. All rights reserved. 2009