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Storm Before The Calm

(K. Storch, G. Yowell, D. Yowell)
What was I angry about
I can’t remember anymore
Those were my angry years
That came so easily before

Something used to rage in me
Deeper than I could get to
A fire blazed in me
That had to burn it’s way through

I no longer have to even the score
I’m not my own worst enemy anymore
My fist has become an open palm
That was the storm before the calm

How could I lose it like that
I can’t remember anymore
If I knew then what I know now
But, I was just too insecure

My anger was like a habit
I used to forget to forgive
I must have grown somehow
Now it’s enough just to live


If I kept a diary
I’d write at the top of the page
This is the beginning of my new age


All Songs Copyrighted. All Rights Reserved. 2009