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Song Lips: Songs

A Little Bit Buddhist

Kenny Storch, Gina Yowell
How much money is too much to make?
Do I give or do I take?
Am I real or am I fake?
My very soul may be at stake.

How many houses do I need?
Is it pride or is it greed?
Oh, free enterprise indeed!
Where will my selfishness lead?

There’ll be the devil to pay
If I don’t find a better way
I’m so tired of playing God
Keeping up the facade

I’m sitting here in my moment
Sipping my green tea
I’m a little bit Buddhist
In a bad economy

As I was coming home from Yoga
I stopped by Tiffany
I’m a little bit Buddhist
But I’m still so into me.

I’m gonna teach my children to share
Everybody needs to care
So many people don’t play fair
True benevolence is rare.

I’ve tried Kabbalah
I’ve tried Zen
I read the Gospel now and then
Here I am back again
Re- decorating my old den


All songs copyrighted. All rights reserved. 2009