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Song Lips: Songs


(Kenny Storch and Gina Yowell)
I have no calling card
to boost my sale ability
I have no resume
so I've got no credibility
Most of the time I spend living in my fantasy
That may be funny to you
But I'm 
Three kids, a minivan and dog
And I'm the most optimistic person in the room 
Or am I?
I never thought that I would
Live the suburban life
I had ambition 
Now, I'm just somebody's wife
I was born the next town over
Last house on the right
Oh, it's sad but it's true
I'm Doomed
I am a total failure in the eyes of the world
I have nothing to fall back on
Nothin' I can bank on
But I've got a secret
I wrote this song!
I have a master plan
If I can ever find a babysitter
I'd show the world that I'm no quitter
On Facebook, Youtube, MySpace, Twitter
Or am I?
Or am I?
Or am I? 
I wrote this song.